Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Paul Smith Exhibition - "Inside Paul's Head"

The exhibition piece that I have chosen to critique is the Paul Smith “Inside My Head” photograph wall. I feel that the wall within itself is a insight in to the mind of the designer, in my opinion the concept of several photographs is supposed to be a photographic representation of the mind of Paul Smith. As a design exhibition I felt that the overall layout of the piece was extremely effective in portraying the potential of a designers vision. The fact that it was displayed within the beginning of the exhibition in my opinion demonstrated the importance and philosophical significance of the piece.

However, the idea of framed photographs in my opinion halted the design flow of Paul Smith and therefore made the viewer unable to truly understand the natural process of creation that was intended to be expressed. If this was to truly represent the concept of “Inside Pauls’ Mind” I feel a more authentic approach should have been taken which would not have contained the images within frames but rather represented them as a continuous flow. The fact that the artifact or wall was positioned within the forefront of the exhibition in my opinion represents the importance the exhibition places on the creation of Paul Smiths designs rather than the finished product. The significance placed on the title of the wall being “Inside Paul’s Mind” is representative of the importance the exhibition lays on the thought process of designer in contrast to the finished product, which was presented at the end of the exhibition.

Furthermore, I feel that the position of the artifacts of the pictures were placed at the beginning of the exhibition as it enabled the reader to receive a more chronological order of Paul’s creation. The photographic wall is also a more authentic representation of Paul and enables the viewer to feel more of an emotional connection and understanding of the designer within the beginning of the exhibition which allows them to remain more open-minded about the rest of the artifacts. 

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